PLM meets Enterprise 2.0?

sunset313In my role as an information architect I move between several very different worlds. For one I try to connect business and IT together by speaking their language and translating. Secondly I also move between the more formal systems and informal tooling. Formal systems, strictly related to defined and described business and information processes, seen as harnesses by knowledge workers, but essential to manage product and resource information. On the other hand you have all the 'good stuff' for knowledge workers: email, wiki's, blogs, social networking, bookmarking, etc. They usually love this part!

What I find very strange is the fact that you pay millions for the more formal systems, define big projects to implement them and knowledge workers still find them 'hard to use', 'not encouraging creativity and innovation', etc. On the other hand social media are usually free or very cheap, easy to use, etc. What going on here? And isn't there something fundamentally wrong with the way we're looking at information and knowledge?

Not too long ago I ran into this about about the connection between PLM and Enterprise 2.0 (on the Enovation matters blog). Basically it tells us that PLM vendors are integrating with Sharepoint. This is good news. However, I don't find Sharepoint an example of enterprise 2.0 tooling. It's a fancy fileshare with version (and a good one!) By simply integrating with Sharepoint doesn't mean you understand both worlds and are truly solving the problem of integrated information management.

I'm curious if my readers agree with this post and experience this in their companies too. I haven't run into too many people that try to bridge these worlds. Most work in one or the other. I'd love to connect with you're working in the same area as I am.


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