Workshop on Social Media with Students

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday at Océ. A workshop was organized with students of the 'Christelijke Hogeschool Ede' (Christian College in Ede, NL). Jan van Veen and I defined 5 assignments about social media for the Communication students to work on. These were our assignments:

Group 1
If we see a very negative rumor about one of our products in blogs, forums and websites, how and in which media should we react?

Group 2
How do we organize consistency in our online (also social media) presence: who should be responsible?

Group 3
If we want to reach YOU students for jobs and internships, which media should we use and how should our tone of voice be?

Group 4
If we want to start a viral campaign to create buzz for a product, what would be the creative concept? (tone of voice, media, ways to distribute)

Group 5
How should we use Twitter to sell our products?

The students jumped into them and came up with some very good ideas. What really struck me (again) was the difference in adoption of social media in this group. Some had heard of it, but didn't use it. Others were deeply involved or just dipping in.
Another striking thing was the different social media tools they use. For instance the Hungarians mostly hadn't heard of Twitter (yet). And they mostly used their national social networking site iWiW. Of course this can have major impact on the way a company uses social media of their marketing campaigns, for instance.

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Workshop on Social Media with students

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