Another Knowledge Management Definition

Recently I organized an Océ-internal seminar about Information and Knowledge Management. I invited prof. dr. Robert de Hoog (of the University of Twente) to kick off this seminar with an introduction to information and knowledge management. He has a very interesting and pragmatic approach to these fields. De Hoog has written a lot about knowledge management, definitions and practice. This definition resulted from his pragmatic approach and could also help knowledge management department and knowledge managers do the right thing. I'm curious what you think of it.

Here's the definition (my own translation from Dutch):

Knowledge management is the management task consisting of a structured cycle of activities to identify, initiate and track interventions/actions, optimizing the use of knowledge in business processes, considering the positive and negative aspects of knowledge.

An example of a positive aspect of knowledge is: it can grow. A negative aspect is: knowledge is power.

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