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A Weekly Dose of Architecture Updates:

This week's dose features the Metalsa Center for Manufacturing Innovation in Monterrey, Mexico, by Brooks + Scarpa:
this week's dose

The featured past dose is the Azteca Multimodal Transfer Station in Mexico City, Mexico by CC Arquitectos:

This week's book review is Fa├žadomy: A Critique of Capitalism and Its Assault on Mid-Century Modern Architecture by James Cornetet (L):
this week's book review this week's book review
(R): The featured past book review is Too Blessed To Be Depressed: Crimson Architectural Historians, 1994-2002 edited by Ewout Dorman, Ernst van der Hoeven, Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout, and Cassandra Wilkins.

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American-Architects Building of the Week:

Adobe Utah Campus in Lehi City, Utah, by WRNS Studio:
this week's Building of the Week

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