Beyond Belief?

On page 24 of the first issue of Quest Magazine ("the luxury magazine for world travelers," just what we need) is the below advertisement:

[Image via Quest Magazine]

What grabs my attention, having just reviewed S AM 11 / Lookout on my weekly page, is the glass-and-steel construction that is giving this couple an unbelievably high panorama of the Negev. The lookout is rendered realistically enough that at first I though it was real, but given the advertisement's tagline of "Israel Beyond Belief," the height of the vista, and the fairly utilitarian and unbelievable nature of the lookout (the stair would be outside? the couple would be looking from the landing?), it must be fake. Right?

Update: Thanks to Chen, it turns out the lookout is actually a hotel (makes sense, considering what the ad says about luxury hotels). It's the Beresheet Hotel (note the stairs leading to the dining terrace):

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